F.I.T. Solar Program

Ontario’s Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program offers attractive returns for private and investor-owned Solar energy operations.

Projects are categorized by size and mounting location. Operations below 10 kW fall under the Micro-FIT program, those above are simply FIT. Projects can be either roof or ground-based.

We have participated in over 2000 applications, built many, and in fact have engineered and installed perhaps the largest rooftop facility in Ontario at 500 kW. Rooftop installations are particularly attractive – almost any rooftop you own or manage can potentially become a new source of income.

However, high demand, periodic deadlines, changing rules and application delays are typical – entry does not always occur as quickly as desired.

We are highly experienced in this field, so please speak with a Fritzall rep for updates and opportunities that might fit your situation.

For more information, visit the OPA Feed-In Tariff Program website.

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