Interestingly, farming people are renowned as the ultimate entrepreneurs; even former rural kids are represented among top business leaders and academics.

So it’s no surprise that Fritzall’s highly-innovative orientation can be traced back only a few short decades to an agricultural setting, where founder Tom Fritz began dabbling in pre-cast concrete for his own needs. His gift for innovation and eye for quality soon led to a thriving business in agricultural pre-cast concrete buildings of all kinds.

Tom’s focus for developing brilliant, creative solutions with speed, efficiency and quality (and a personal touch) is still a deeply-held value that is continually promoted within our company culture.

Before long, the burgeoning Fritzall Co. which built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality workmanship with integrity was building structures of all kinds, and of all materials as a general contractor. When an opportunity was seen to form concrete bases for wind turbines in their early days, we jumped at it. (With no experts in Canada, we typically took the initiative to find a few, fly them in and thus gain first-in advantage over the market.) Success there led us further into renewable power, where we expanded into high-tech FIT solar installations.

After achieving full Level 3 Nuclear Certification for our work at Bruce Nuclear Power Plant (after two competitors failed), we expanded into the booming state-of-the-art lighting market as the exclusive Ontario distributor of a super-efficient adaptation of 100,000-hr warrantied industrial Induction bulb, as well as equally efficient LED residential lighting.

What’s the next big thing? With our history of being in on the ground floor, we’ll find it. Can we bring you along, or help you on your next project? We’d be delighted!

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