About Us

Hallmarks of Fritzall? Innovation. Experience. Efficiency. Agility. Aggressive opportunity-seeking. These qualities brought us from renowned rural problems-solvers to sophisticated suppliers to the Bruce Nuclear Power Station in a few short decades.

Specific industries we’re leaders in: Advanced, super-efficient Industrial Induction Lighting & Residential/Retail LED Lighting; Precast Concrete and Construction (Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural); Wind Power; Solar Power (including FIT programs); and Level 3 Nuclear Concrete Components.

We’re small and personable enough to craft projects with you one-on-one. Yet big enough to marshal all the resources needed for virtually any large-scale venture.

As a result, we’re renowned for delivering top-quality results, on time and on budget. (In fact, most of our new business comes from referrals).

If it had to go in a vision statement? “In partnership with clients like you, we aim to be the most innovative, aggressive, efficient opportunity-seeking builder, supplier, and deal-maker in the Power, Construction and Lighting industries of the Great Lakes Basin.”

Or put another way: To create high-value opportunities for you by combining our extensive experience in innovation with our advanced technical knowledge in Power, Construction, Lighting, and related fields.

We’re eager to apply our expertise to your next project. Whatever your field, we’re up for the challenge.

Experience innovation with Fritzall.