What We Do

We could almost call this ‘What We Don’t Do’, as we’ll consider any challenge related to power, lighting, construction, and usually beyond. Seeking opportunity is, ultimately, what we do.

We’ve even been known to move foreign experts to Ontario to obtain a first in advantage ahead of our competitors.

Naturally, projects are given a rigorous analysis to determine probability of profit and risk. Once deemed viable, we will pursue that opportunity with an unrelenting, single-minded focus until it is achieved. We will overcome every problem until we reach success. It’s what has kept us in a continuous state of high growth since 1969.

Fritzall is frequently pursuing opportunities in cutting-edge technology in Renewable Power, Nuclear Energy, Advanced Lighting, and Construction (Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural buildings).

We can also help you in other, perhaps unexpected, entrepreneurial ways, like financing, navigating complex government waters and more.

True, there could be a business we might fear to tread – but in anything remotely related to our various fields, we’ll come out shining, because we won’t stop until we do.

So even if your idea is in an exploratory phase, we welcome your inquiry. Seeking opportunity with you – it’s what we do.

We invite you to contact us to explore your next project. Contact us today.