Fritzall Precast

Time and again throughout our history, from Wind Turbine bases to Nuclear components, Fritzall has been called in as the precast experts.

We’ve been able to complete projects where others had failed or were unable to meet demanding standards. Our expertise here has even played a key part in leading us into previously untapped industries.

As a veteran precast expert and innovator — both in the concrete itself and in the versatility of form technology – we have also helped bring a wide range of applications to a higher standard, including landscaping, soundproofing and security.

In addition, our commercial applications are also growing because our architects can now be highly creative with precast texture, colour, shape and more. Truly beautiful precast panels for building facades are a particular point of pride.

Precast is poured into a reusable mold or ‘form,’ specially cured, then transported to a construction site. It also offers a wide range of cost savings:

  • Faster building completion means less borrowing costs
  • No on-site molds/forms to build, less waste
  • Fewer trades to hire
  • Greater quality control
  • Lower insurance rates

Precast has other advantages relative to on-site pouring – it is extremely strong, highly durable to weather, environmentally friendly, and has high insulation value.

To discuss any questions concerning precast projects, please contact us today and speak to a rep.