The Precast Industry, is rapidly growing, adapting and improving. Architects that have in the past perhaps preferred brick, block, or other forms of construction can replicate their signature aesthetics, only at a faster pace of construction, and with added safety scenarios for the construction crews, by keeping them within the enclosed building envelope.

Precast provides a key construction advantage particularly in countries such as Canada, where temperature swings, and freezing conditions can limit the number of viable construction hours available each year.


Your Project:

Because no two precast projects are the same. You need a precaster with significant experience in both the specialist areas of fabrication, and installation. We have been doing just that for forty years in Ontario, working with some of the most prominent designers, and meeting the requirements of the most exacting customers.

By the time your panels reach the site for erection, they have already been though a tough quality control process to ensure accurate fit and performance. That attitude to achieving excellence is then continued at site with our erection and finishing crews.

Common Products: Sandwich wall, Shear wall, Elevator Shaft, Column and Beam, Architectural Panels.