Fritzall Construction

There is essentially no limit to what we can construct. Our talented team will be happy to work with you to design and build any structure.

Industrial & Agricultural Construction

Fritzall Industrial Division has built everything from the latest in controlled atmosphere storage facilities to large industrial buildings – including both Butler pre-engineered steel structures and Precast – and can also create a wide range of attractive exterior and interior wall panels.

Our Agricultural Division has decades of experience building a wide range of fully-serviced barns for dairy cattle, beef, hogs (over 5000 animals), piglets weaner facilities, and chicken operations – both broiler and laying business – not to mention an ostrich barn.

To meet your specific need, barns can be built with feed, ventilation, milking, growing and waste-management customization.

We have also worked with real estate developers to construct multi-storey residential condominiums.


Commercial & Residential Construction

Fritzall is highly experienced in major, multi-year commercial projects of all kinds.

Typical smaller projects include a rendering plant addition, a 5,000 sq ft expansion for a marine sales and repair facility, and a precast hotel and club house for a golf course.

To explore more profitable possibilities for your next project, contact us today.